4 years at Affirm – the LinkedIn post – punched up by…. ChatGPT

I asked ChatGPT to punch up my LinkedIn post

I just completed 4 years at my company. I want to write a really good LinkedIn post celebrating this milestone – here’s my draft – This weekend I was reflecting on my 4 years at Affirm. This has been the most fulfilling job I have held in my career at a company whose mission I truly believe in and where I have felt that if I operated with integrity & gave my best, I could influence its culture, and contribute to its success. Thank you Affirm and Affirmers for making this experience both fun and fulfilling. I will be forever grateful.

Here’s what ChatGPT wrote for me:

As I sit here, reflecting on my four years at Affirm, I am filled with gratitude and appreciation for the opportunities, challenges, and growth that this journey has brought me. From day one, I knew that I was joining a company with a mission that aligned with my values, and I am proud to have contributed to making that mission a reality.

Throughout these four years, I have had the privilege of working alongside some of the most talented and inspiring individuals in the industry. Affirmers have welcomed me with open arms, challenged me to be my best, and supported me through both triumphs and tribulations. I am forever grateful for the relationships I have built here and the lifelong connections that will undoubtedly endure.

As I move forward, I take with me the valuable lessons and experiences that Affirm has given me. I am confident that the skills I have developed here will serve me well in my future endeavors. Thank you, Affirm, for an incredible four years – I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

I ended up editing out the last paragraph because parts of it made it sound I was leaving the company.

What do you think? Was ChatGPT able to make my post better?


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