How People React to Crises

A crisis is a sudden, unexpected event that causes a great deal of disruption and distress. People can react to crises in a variety of ways, and there is no one right way to cope with a crisis. Some people may become overwhelmed and unable to function, while others may be able to stay calm and focused. Some people may withdraw from others, while others may reach out for support.

There are seven main personas of people on the Internet during a crisis:

  1. The Watcher: This person is constantly monitoring the news and social media for updates on the crisis. They are often the first to share information with others, and they may also be the first to offer help or support.
  2. The Connector: This person is always looking for ways to connect people during a crisis. They may start a Facebook group or a Twitter chat, or they may simply reach out to friends and family to offer support.
  3. The Activist: This person is passionate about making a difference during a crisis. They may volunteer their time, donate money, or even travel to the affected area to help out.
  4. The Educator: This person is always looking for ways to educate others about the crisis. They may write blog posts, create videos, or even give presentations.
  5. The Counselor: This person is always available to listen and offer support to those who are struggling during a crisis. They may provide emotional support, financial assistance, or even legal advice.
  6. The Humorist: This person uses humor to cope with the stress of a crisis. They may post funny memes or jokes, or they may even make light of the situation in their own writing or videos.
  7. The Skeptic: This person is always questioning the information they see about the crisis. They may be suspicious of news reports or social media posts, and they may even doubt the severity of the situation.

It is important to remember that everyone reacts to crises differently. These personas are just a few examples of the many different ways people may respond to a crisis.

If you are struggling to cope with a crisis, there are many resources available to help you. You can reach out to a friend, family member, or mental health professional for support. You can also find information and resources online or in your local community.


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