Trying Flock again..

Read a post on Read Write Web on how Flock with its new release has a new feature called Flockcast …So I am giving it another shot. I believe the last time I gave up on it was because I had a much smaller social media footprint and maybe I even had some configuration issues similar to Chrome.

The picture below shows what the post looked like when I posted from Flock. The text was in italics. The video didn’t show. Either I didn’t use the Blog Editor right, or someone forgot to test it with wordpress or my WP Template messed it up.

Flock did send out a ‘cast’ to Facebook. I was expecting a tweet too!
flockcast on fBt

I was compelled to return to WordPress to edit the post to match the look and feel & the issue with the YouTube embed.

So what’s the early verdict?

I like it. And I’m willing to give Flock a shot for this week at home and see if the features really help. More soon!

July 27, 2009 Update:

It’s been a while and I am back to using Firefox. Why? Flock clutters the browsing experience. All the add ons are distracting and I am more comfortable compartmentalizing my blogging, browsing and social networking.